Some faq's about this book...

The Whole Musician
…is a book to help fulfill potential.

  • What if small changes in teaching technique could pop a student into the next level of musicianship?
  • What if students are silently telling us everyday how to help them achieve?
  • What if science, experience and art could show us new paths to achieving peak performance?
  • What if achieving with challenging students was rewarding and also fun?
  • What if we could reach an instant rapport state with even the most difficult student or colleague whenever


  • How to uncover a dominant learning style
  • The tools of rapport building
  • Enhancing learning modalities
  • The effects of the learning environment on behavior
  • Tools for evoking excellence on demand
  • Exercises for unlocking limits
  • New research on developmental stages
  • A powerful Peak Performance Process
  • Experiences of other teachers around the world